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The Mojo Way

At Mt. Mojo, we use fun apparel and swag to promote safe sex.  In fact, when you buy our apparel, you get a 6-pack of Mt. Mojo condoms FREE, and 50% of profits go to providing free condoms to community centers and universities, and sponsoring safe sex education organizations! We want to help you Git ur Mojo on!

The Incredible Bulk.

Our condoms come in more than one, for all your bulk needs.

The Safest Sex

Mt. Mojo condoms are supplied by Barnett International Corporation, producers of other well known national brands. They are manufactured in a state of the art facility and undergo several tests to insure the highest quality product reaches our consumers. We believe in our product and after you Git your Mojo on, you will too!

Can you pass this test?

Sexually active adults need to be tested regularly!!! STD’s are nothing to screw around with regardless if you think you are bullet proof. Studies...